GHP 2.0 logo.pngSince 2003, The Green House Project (GHP) has partnered with dozens of providers and developers to build 300 radically noninstitutional skilled nursing and assisted living environments across the country in 32 states.

Change the Culture

While our core mission is to build Green House homes, we recognize that not all providers have the land or capital to do so. Cultural Transformation is designed to harness what we have learned and experienced to help nursing home and assisted living organizations transform their traditional structures into person-directed, relationship-rich living environments. 

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Cultural Transformation is a defining feature of our Green House 2.0 initiative, which encompasses a host of innovative partnerships and efforts designed to improve the lives of people at many ages, abilities, and levels of care. It leverages GHP's many years of leadership and experience to broaden the reach and deepen the impact of the culture change movement.

Through Green House 2.0 and Cultural Transformation, providers can tap the knowledge, experience, and strength of the Green House brand to revolutionize care and empower lives. 

Transform the Care

Partnering with GHP enables you to gain access to an ecosystem of leading edge solutions and experienced design consultation to create the following:NMP_20131017_0693a.jpg

  • Real Homes with Meaningful Lives and Empowered Staff: Take advantage of our unique education and train-the-trainer approaches to implement transformation that aligns with our core values.
  • Sustainable Change:  Sustaining model fidelity is an important aspect to ensuring that organizations do not slip back into institutional practices. GHP’s signature model fidelity tools and practices are critical elements to ensuring culture change is sustained and endures. As a Cultural Transformation adopter, you join a network of thought leaders to share ideas, lessons learned, and more to support consistant, ongoing, and enduring change. 

Dare To Be Different

Get True Culture Change

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“From the very beginning, they were with us every step of the way.”

Barry Berman, CEO, Leonard Florence Center for Living

“Becoming a trademarked Green House project gave us instant credibility, access to the best training and resources available, and an opportunity to collaborate with other Green House communities across the country, some of the best organizations in the business.”

Terry Rogers , CEO, St. Martin's in the Pines

We “treasured the guidance, education, and planning support while developing Green House homes.”

Melissa Fortner, Vice President of Supportive Living, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community

“Their ability to advocate for a project and establish trust and support from local and federal agencies is without parallel.”

Joyce Ebmeier, VP Strategic Planning, Tabitha Health Care