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Once you are done justifying a home, you won’t find a shortage of financing options for your Green House project, including bonds, government-backed loans, traditional loans and non-traditional loans.

In addition, providers have also tapped into:

  • A 10-year, $10 million low-interest credit program established by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
  • A $2.5 million program-related investment (PRI) in innovative housing options established by the AARP Foundation
  • Over $5.5 million in capital grants from the Weinberg Foundation.
  • Over $33 million in financing with Capital Impact Partners – see webinar and slides below.
  • Learn how the Loveland Housing Authority utilized New Market Tax Credits to serve low income elders

Dollars and Sense: Financing Green House homes”

“We had to do it within a reasonable budget and a reasonable debt service, and we were able to accomplish that.”

John Ponthie, Member, Summit Health Resources

“We financed the building of the Green House homes using our current building as collateral and we got 100% backing from the bank.”

Toni Davis, CEO and President, Green Hill, Inc.

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