Baptist exterior whole-min.jpgWith an organizational structure that is radically different from other nursing home or assisted living models, Green House homes are small in scale, self-contained, and self-sufficient with elders at the center, surrounded by a self-managed team of care partners.

Designed to reinforce the identity of elders and eliminate institutional signposts, all homes have private rooms and bathrooms for everyone. A living room with a fireplace, together with an open kitchen, where all meals are prepared and served at a communal dining table, completes the model's design.

Whether it’s for short-term rehab, dementia care, and/or long-term care, the model is flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of the market, and of the dynamic healthcare system.

The Green House Advantage

Backed by more than 17 years of successful experience and leadership, compelling evidence base, and 300 homes around the country, the Green House model delivers outstanding qualitHover Drone.JPGy of care and quality of life for those who live and work in there.

Together with its education, expertise, guidance, and support, GHP has already helped its partners produce superior quality of life, greater consumer demand, improved job satisfaction, better staff-to-elder ratio, and higher census rates.


Why Green House?

While you could create small-house model homes yourself, learning as you go, GHP's expert consultants help you avoid costly mistakes, accelerate successful outcomes, and drive ROI. 
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Whether you are an existing senior living or nursing home provider, real estate developer, investor, or grassroots advocate, our experienced Green House Guides ensure that you get everything you need to make the right decisions to move forward in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Onoing Support & Sustainability

Shifting from a traditional medical system of care delivery to a revolutionary noninstitutional model requires expert guidance, intensive education, as well as ongoing support. Once your Green House homes open, you become part of the GHP family, which gives you access to our extensive and close-knit network of adopters as well as our model integrity process.

GHP’s approach to planning and implementation has been honed over many years of experience, research, and feedback. It is designed to help you save time and money. 

A Proven Brand

When you choose to create Green House homes, you invest in a proven brand known for clinical quality, customer satisfaction, and a strong business case.

Dare To Be Different

GHP Development Resources & Consultation

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"It absolutely makes sense from a business perspective."

Toni Davis, CEO & President, Green Hill

“The only regret that you’ll have is having not done it earlier.”

Roger L. Meyers, President & CEO, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

“From the very beginning, they were with us every step of the way.”�

Barry Berman, CEO, Chelsea Jewish Foundation

“You can specialize these houses in a lot of ways to suit the needs of your community.”

Toni Davis, CEO & President, Green Hill

“The Green House homes have impacted our revenue. Unquestionably our private pay census has gone up. Our Medicare census has gone up. And our overall census has gone up. It has a halo effect on every revenue stream you might experience in long-term care.”

John Ponthie, Member, Summit Health Resources