Evidence-based proof Green House homes work

There is national momentum behind the movement. Why? No other model can match The Green House Project’s record for quality care and life-enriching dignity at a reasonable price. 

Organizations like The Rivertown Project in Detroit, Mirasol Green House homes in Colorado, and Saint Elizabeth's home in Rhode Island, are changing the field and making Green House homes a reality for all people. The Green House model is accessible in urban, suburban, rural communities, and the Veterans Health Administration.    

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Costs less to taxpayers.

Lower Cost

A 2012 study suggests the overall difference in total Medicare and Medicaid costs per resident over 12 months could range hundreds of dollars less for residents in Green House homes vs. traditional nursing homes. Get the study.

= or Less 

in capital costs, compared to other culture change models. Get the study.


Average change in staffing costs. While direct care staffing hours are higher, these costs are more than offset by reductions in supervisory and administrative staffing. Get the study

“It has been demonstrated not only in our organization but around the country that it does work and it can be financially viable.”

Robert L. Meyers, Presient & CEO, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

“I think the biggest misperception is that it doesn’t work. You can’t it work. It costs too much money to build, or the operating are too much, or the decentralization of it makes it too difficult to manage. False, false, false. I can’t disagree more.”

John Ponthie, Owner, Green House Cottages of Wentworth Place

“I would do it again, and again, and again, throughout the state, until everybody had a Green House.“

Toni Davis, Executive Director & President, Green Hill

“When I think about the accomplishments in my profession, there is no question, this is the one that I'm proud of, this is one time when you can say, life got better because we did this."

Joyce Ebmeier, VP Strategic Planning, Tabitha Health Care