Green House Design: Shared Experiences

Category: Overview Webinar
Apr 20, 2021, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Green House homes are built upon the principle of creating real home. The spaces where life happens in our own homes are the same spaces where life happens in a Green House home. A Shahbaz is an important ingredient in bringing the home to life with shared experiences, meaning, and authenticity. This session will explore how shared experiences are created in Green House homes through the following topics:

  • Living Room - Waiting for and entertaining visitors; resident interaction with family, staff, and each other; resident personalization; and other activities, such as sitting by the fireplace and reading
  • Dining Room - Convivium, coffee, and a newspaper; games and activities; and staff work areas
  • Kitchen - Residents’ visibility; comfort; meal preparation sounds and aromas; resident engagement and therapy; and Shahbazim roles versus traditional staff models
  • Den - Resident choice and alternatives; small group programming and activities, including television viewing; staff meetings and care planning; private family visitation and overnight guests
  • Porches - Connections to exterior environments with families, visitors, or staff
  • Staff Engagement - GHP heroes during the pandemic, staff culture on sites with legacy nursing homes, visitation, and staff spaces