Green House Design: Dignity, Privacy, and Choice

Category: Overview Webinar
May 4, 2021, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

All-private rooms set Green House homes apart from most nursing home environments. It is the most personal and individualized place in the house. There are important features to this building block of the home, but just as in the shared areas of the house, the role of the Shahbaz is paramount to the wellbeing of each resident. This session examines how Shahbazim support dignity, privacy, and choice in Green House homes through the following topics: 

  • Vestibule - Medication, documentation, supplies, coats, purses, and mobility devices
  • Bedroom - Resident control, including lighting, temperature, and views; technology; visitors; therapy; and lifts
  • Bathroom - The balance of resident autonomy with resident safety and resident and staff storage features, including floor drains and grab bars
  • Insights from COVID-19 – Ceiling lifts and better infection control, personal protection equipment, and sanitization; and individual, mechanically controlled air distribution