Design and Dementia: A Concept that Breaks Boundaries to Create Communities that Value Elders

Category: Best Life Web Series
Feb 27, 2020, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

In this webinar, Emi Kiyota, PhD, will explore how she works to create socially integrated and resilient cities where elders are engaged and able to actively participate in their communities. Dr. Kiyota will introduce the “Ibasho” approach, which challenges perceptions about aging and the social role of elders. This approach derives from a meaning of Ibasho--a Japanese term meaning a place where one feels a sense of belonging and purpose, and is accepted as oneself.

Among the concepts Dr. Kiyota will discuss are how communities are able to: 
-View elders as resources rather than liabilities;
-Empower and include elders as “change agents” of their own communities; and
-View elders as catalyst to strengthen social capital and make their communities more resilient.

Participants will also learn the following: 
1. How to value elders as assets to their community, empowering them to be active participants and changing the harmful outcomes created by society’s negative perceptions and expectations – social isolation, a loss of dignity and respect, and a sense of uselessness. 
2. How to adapt Ibasho into communities, long term care, and community-based care environments. 

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