Financial Viability of the Green House Model: A Case Study

Jul 11th 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Building on the prior Essential Elements of Financial Viability webinar, in this webinar Terri Metzker of Chi Partners and Laurie Mante of The Eddy Village Green will share key financial indicators for a pioneering Green House project. Having totally replaced a traditional nursing facility with Green House homes, The Eddy Village Green is in a unique position to speak to the financial viability of this model of care. Included in the webinar will be a summary of key financial indicators for The Eddy as compared to similar data points from national provider surveys, regional competitors, and The Eddy’s sister facilities. In addition to addressing those variables that contribute to this project’s financial success, also shared will be financial “lessons learned” based on this organization's almost 10-year history with the Green House Project.

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