TGH_CoreValues_B.jpgThe Green House® Project (GHP) is a not-for-profit organization founded on the belief that everyone has the right to age with dignity. GHP seeks to protect this right by destigmatizing aging and humanizing care for all people through the creation of radically non-institutional eldercare environments that empower the lives of people who live and work in them.
Central to GHP's mission is the development of Green House homes—small-scale, self-contained, and self-sufficient nursing home and assisted living settings that put elders at the center. Each home includes private rooms and bathrooms for each elder, a living room with a fireplace, and outdoor spaces that are easy to access and navigate.
Since the Green House model's inception some 17 years ago, 359 homes have been built in 32 states, with more on the way. Based on an organizational structure that is radically different from other settings, the operation of each home is guided by the Green House core values of Real Home, Meaningful Life, and Empowered Staff. 
Comprehensive Culture Change in Traditional Settings
While GHP’s core mission is to build new homes, not all providers have the land or capital to do so. In an effort to broaden the reach and deepend the impact of the movement to transform eldercare, the Green House 2.0 initiative was launched and Cultural Transformation was created to help progressive-minded providers implement cultural transformation in traditional settings.​​​​​​ 
Best Life Dementia Care Approach
GHP's Best Life is a unique and holistic dementia care approach that helps people and organizations support those living with dementia to live rich and rewarding lives. As a standalone educational and training option for progressive-minded memory care, assisted living, and nursing home providers, Best Life is designed for all team members.

Eldercare Made for this Moment

Green House Mission

The Green House® Project (GHP) partners with organizations, advocates, and communities to lead the transformation of institutional long-term and post-acute care by creating viable homes that demonstrate more powerful, meaningful, and satisfying lives, work, and relationships.

Green House Vision

GHP envisions homes in every community where Elders and others enjoy excellent quality of life and quality of care; where they, their families, and the staff engage in meaningful relationships built on equality, empowerment, and mutual respect; where people want to live and work; and where all are protected, sustained, and nurtured without regard to the ability to pay.

Dare to Be Different; Dare to Be Better

Learn more about the Green House model.

Core values include:

Meaningful Life

See elders thriving in Green House homes and hear deeply personal views of what makes life meaningful.

Empowered Staff

Discover why an organizational chart of a Green House home is powerfully different.

A Real Home

Find out the difference between a "home-like" environment and a real home, explained by Dr. Bill Thomas.

“We chose to build Green House homes because this model provides a better life for elders along with the highest quality clinical care.  A bonus was how much the lives of the staff members has improved.”

Toni Davis, CEO, Green Hill

“The Green House model has given us the framework to create a workplace where our staff feels empowered and they feel ownership of the home as well as the outcome of the care they provide.”

Brenda Anderson, Guide, Legacy Village

“I like the one-on-one aspect of my job because it guides you to the people who really need you and you always observe what is going on… in an institution you can’t read that…”

Wanda Harrison, Shahbaz, St. John's Lutheran Ministries

“There is nobody who gets overlooked, because we are with them everyday… you can really be involved with them and make their life better.”

Wanda Harrison, Shahbaz, St. John's Lutheran Ministries