more staff engagement time with Elders

An org chart designed to protect, sustain, and nurture Elders.

In a Green House home, the hierarchy is flattened to bring power to the Elders and those working closest to them--the team of Shahbazim (certified nurse assistants) serving in direct care roles.

A Shahbaz:

  • Works within her/his scope of practice to provide direct care
  • Manages the home
  • Works in self-managed work teams
  • Partners with clinical team members
  • Reports to the Guide who offers support and accountability


  • Case studies show lower turnover
  • 4 times more engagement time with Elders
  • Staff satisfaction you never dreamed possible

“About The Green House”
Get a high level overview of the elements of The Green House Project model and a summary of independent research.

Analysis of Direct Care Time

Green House Organizational Chart

“The Green House model has given us the framework to create a workplace where our staff feels empowered and they feel ownership of the home as well as the outcome of the care they provide."

Brenda Anderson, Guide, Legacy Village

“We chose to build Green House homes because this model provides a better life for elders along with the highest quality clinical care.  A bonus was how much the lives of the staff members has improved.”

Toni Davis, CEO, Green Hill

“When I think about the accomplishments in my profession, there is no question, this is the one that I'm proud of, this is one time when you can say, life got better because we did this.”

Joyce Ebmeier, VP Strategic Planning, Tabitha Health Care

“I like the one-on-one aspect of my job because it guides you to the people who really need you and you always observe what is going on… in an institution you can’t read that…”

Wanda Harrison, Shahbaz, St. John's Lutheran Ministries

“There is nobody who gets overlooked, because we are with them everyday… you can really be involved with them and make their life better”

Wanda Harrison, Shahbaz, St. John's Lutheran Ministries

“I feel very appreciated, I feel good about what I do.”

Wanda Harrison, Shahbaz, St. John's Lutheran Ministries

“The kind of care that I provide as a Shahbaz is to nurture, protect, and sustain the elder.”

Monica Pagels, Shahbaz

“I’ve seen weight gain. I’ve seen residents who’ve been on puree diets for years come off of it.”

Kristina Elliott, Green House Dietician

“We don’t have nurses’ stations. We’re interacting with them all the time. We notice things.”

Linda Paulsen, RN, Green House Nurse

What is a Shahbaz?

Staff are empowered.

Guides replace the role of administrator.

A Shahbaz describes the impact on elders and families.

A nurse shares the impact on her daughter and elders.