What or Who Is The Green House Project? How Are Local Organizations Related To The National Initiative?

Local Green House homes have been reviewed by The Green House Project to ensure the best life possible in an environment that looks and feels in every way like a real home. The Green House trademark means that the homes meet and maintain key standards, including small size, home layout, advanced staff training, and a low staff ratio. Because what makes a real home is all of those things combined – not just one or the other.

Why Green House Homes? Are They Environmentally Friendly?

The name “Green House” says right off the bat that we are different. We hope it gets people like you excited and hopeful about their long-term care options and lets them know their loved one doesn’t have to end up in the same old institutional environment. And Green House homes, like real homes, are places where growth happens.

What Kinds Of Individuals Are Eligible? What If My Mother/Father’s Condition Worsens?

Green House homes make it possible for Elders of any ability to lead healthier and happier lives. Just like in a real home, Elders are surrounded by care partners who know them like family, so they notice the little things, like a bruise or a limp, before they become big problems. Our small Elder-to-staff ratio makes this individualized, higher standard of care possible.

What Kinds Of Individuals Are Eligible? What If My Mother/Father Goes On Medicaid?

Green House homes are regulated and reimbursed just like any other skilled nursing facility, so that this model is accessible to everyone. The difference is that a home certified by the Green House Project is designed in every way to look and feel like a real home. Elders have the comfort of private rooms and the freedom to set their own daily routines. Green House homes also have common areas with a family-like atmosphere where residents can socialize and eat a home-cooked meal. And, highly educated staff provide residents four times more personal and social contact than typical skilled-nursing homes.

I’ve Looked At Some Other Small Home Models. How Are You Different?

There are other providers who may, for example, offer care in a smaller, “home-like” setting. But that doesn’t necessarily ensure that the person who lives there has the experience of living in a real home. Nor does it ensure that it is able to cater to an Elder’s unique and personal needs. Official Green House homes, on the other hand, combine small size and home layout with advanced staff training and more care time. That ensures that elders receive highly personalized care from a true care partner in a setting that looks and feels like home.

Is This Significantly More Expensive?

No. We make it possible to get the best care in a setting that is as close as possible to a real home for about the same cost as living in a traditional nursing home and for less than many other culture change models. Our innovative staff model makes it possible, allowing our caregivers to work more effectively while giving residents four times more personal and social contact.

Can I Visit My Family Member When I Want? What About Taking Him/Her Out For A Trip Or Away For A Weekend?

We aim to provide elders with as much independence and freedom as they would have in a real home. They’re able to set their own daily routines and enjoy the comfort of a private room where they have a place for their personal belongings. In order to maintain the sense of community that gives our homes a family-like atmosphere, we will work to deeply know your family, and your loved ones’ needs to ensure that all members of the community are happy, healthy and safe.

Can an Individual Develop Green House Homes?

Because Green House homes are licensed health care entities, to ensure that they are accessible to all people, it is a complex process to create a new organization.  That said, we have had communities like Sheridan, Wyoming, and development groups like Loveland Housing Authority, who have developed the partnerships and expertise to bring financing, operations and licensing together and build Green House homes without the support of a pre-existing organization.