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Imagine a world that celebrates the potential of people living with dementia, to create their BEST LIFE!

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“The Green House concept is the most comprehensive effort to reinvent the nursing home.”

The New York Times

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Dementia Symposium - May 18, 2020

With much deliberation, thought, and desire to meet needs of those we serve, we have decided to cancel the dementia symposium and Green House conference scheduled from May 18 to 20, 2020 in Little Rock, Ark.

Please check back here for details about a virtual symposium that will be held sometime this summer.



The Green House Project partners with senior living providers to create homes for elders that demonstrate more powerful, meaningful, and satisfying lives, work, and relationships. We implement true culture change as well as dementia education and training to create person-directed, relationship-rich living environments. 

“Green Houses are nothing less than a revolution.”

The Wall Street Journal

“I wanted to come here, I wanted my freedom. I love it here, this is my home.”

Doris Delanus, Elder, Presbyterian Villages of Michigan

“The Green House concept is the most comprehensive effort to reinvent the nursing home.”

The New York Times

“Any number of people can design or build the architecture but that doesn’t bring about the revolutionary change in culture that The Green House Project provides. For us to be able to leverage the successes and failures of so many other adopters is invaluable. The Green House Project has the expertise and structure to help manage our process in a manner that gives our project the highest possibility of success. “

John Ponthie, Member, Southern Health Resources, Arkansas

“We really want to know who [the elders] are and what will get them out of bed and excited. If they want to do house chores or help cook, they can do that. If they want to watch the Broncos game, play board games or listen to music, we’ll help them do that. This is their home. It’s not supposed to feel like a hospital.”

Lisa Czolowski, CEO of Hover Senior Living Community (Green House homes), Colorado

"Green Houses are nothing less than a revolution."

The Wall Street Journal

"The Green House concept is the most comprehensive effort to reinvent the nursing home."

The New York Times

"The Green House Project Reinvents Long-Term Eldercare."

The Huffington Post