Join fellow brand ambassadors

When your organization becomes a trademarked Green House project, you’ll join fellow organizations across the country in The Peer Network.

In the Peer Network, you will:

  • Grow relationships
  • Share successful practices
  • Get ongoing education
  • Move policy forward
  • Join research initiatives

This formidable force is passionately dedicated to advancing the model and transforming long-term care as we know it.

Peer-driven movement

Staying on the forefront of change requires leadership. Green House adopters can choose a committee and be a part of creating the vision for maintaining momentum:

  • Steering Committee
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Education
  • Model Integrity
  • Government Relations

The Annual Meeting will be an experience you’ll never forget. 


Member Login to Resources

The members only section of the Green House website offers a vast library of resources:

  • Education modules
  • Webinar archives
  • Research
  • Peer directory
  • Conversations forum
  • Bulletin Archives

And much more. 

“It is the most important aspect of The Green House model.  With Peer-to-Peer learning, we are raising the standards together.”

Marvin Plakut, CEO, Episcopal Senior Living

“The Peer Network provides continued value through follow up visits, educational webinars, and The Green House Annual Meeting.”

Melissa Fortner, Vice President of Supportive Living, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community

“The Green House Project shows commitment to everyone’s success by staying in touch, soliciting input from operators, connecting organizations for best practices, and always looking to raise the standard of excellence for all.”

Melissa Fortner, Vice President of Supportive Living, Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community

“The most valuable part of being a part of The Green House Project is the ongoing support that we receive not only from Green House Project staff, but also from the Peer Network of Green House adopters, it is like a family.”

Toni Davis, Executive Director & President, Green Hill

“I can’t say enough about the value of the peer support."

Terry Rogers , CEO, St. Martin's in the Pines