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  • Building Your Ultimate Dream Team, Developing a successful Green House team is all about hiring the right people. This session will show how a creative approach to hiring, including the inclusion of Sages, can help to not only hire the right people, but can also support sustainability and impact outcomes

  • Successful Short Term Rehabilitation in Green House Homes, Short term rehabilitation programs can leverage The Green House model in new ways that differentiate organizations in a saturated market. What does it take? Leonard Florence Center for Living has achieved positive outcomes including decreased re-hospitalization rates and length of stay, helping them to achieve their mission, and making them a preferred partner with ACOs. In this session they share how they successfully market, operate and evaluate their rehab while maintaining The Green House core values?
  • Mind the Gap: The Bridge Between Knowing and Engaging, The Green House philosophy emphasizes the importance of deeply knowing the elder, and connecting them to their diverse and creative potential and community. Normalizing programs and environments to promote well-being, life and optimal functioning must be an intentional focus of the home. Join Green House adopters in a discussion about the relationship between the Activity Director and Shahbazim, and how they work together to connect each elder to their best life.
  • Lessons for Good Beginnings, Those early days in Green House homes can be some of the most exciting – and chaotic – times. Explore lessons learned from three organizations that opened their Green House homes in 2016. They will share areas where they found success, and where they struggled, in their move in and first few months of being opened. Become equipped to effectively capture those momentous moments as elders are welcomed into their home, and gain helpful tips to make those first weeks as smooth and rewarding as possible.
  • Convivium: The Secret to Success, Convivium means good food with good people. While this may sounds simple, it requires a thoughtful process with intentional systems and planning. It is an important time for relationship building, a key factor in wellness and health. Learn how to make the most of meal time, and the impact it can have on your budget, satisfaction, and health outcomes.
  • Take the Plunge: The Upside of Risk, When the focus on safety limits the opportunity for Meaningful Life, the concept is called, “surplus safety.” In this session, you will be challenged to expand your understanding of risk, and the potential for it, to lead to positive outcomes. Learn from several adopters as they share their journey to reduce surplus safety. Examples such as eliminating alarms, creating an ‘independent traveler’ program, and more will be a part of the discussion. Are you up to the challenge?
  • Meaningful Life and Mobility: Safe Lifting Practices & Program Development, Ceiling lifts in Green House homes play an important role in creating “Meaningful Life” for elders, regardless of their physical limitations. This session will cover approaches focused on best practices for creating and sustaining change, and empowering staff to provide the least restrictive yet safest methods to mobilize elders.
  • Leader of the Pack: The Role of the DON in Nurse Education and Practice, Does the Green House Project ask nurses to “color outside the lines” and fulfill a very traditional position in a non-traditional way? Do you feel sometimes like you have a foot in 2 different camps? In an environment that embraces a non-hierarchical team approach, what does it take to be successful in your role as a DON at Green House? This session for DON’s will review the results of the DON-completed survey and honestly discuss some of the challenges that the DON faces.

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Sep 14th 10:00 pm - 4:00 pm
The Green House Workshop is the first step in bringing Green House homes to your community. The work.....
Equip Educators to teach Coaching for Partnership to the Clinical Support Team Members......
Equip Educators to teach Coaching for Partnership to the Clinical Support Team Members......
Equip Educators to teach Coaching for Partnership to the Clinical Support Team Members......
Equip Educators to teach Coaching for Partnership to the Clinical Support Team Members......

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"It looks like you’re walking into a living room. There is always someone cooking and it smells good. It’s a homey, warm setting. If I’m not there, the next best thing is on the other side of the door. They are there for her as quick as I am."

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Resthaven (Holland, MI)